Stipendium Hungaricum/SCY/Diaspora registration 23/24/II.

According to the Operational Regulations of the scholarship program: „The scholarship holder is required to register personally at the international office of the host institution at the beginning of each semester”.

For the 2023/24/2nd semester you can fulfill the above registration duty by submitting this form.

IMPORTANT: you can only submit this form IF you are in Hungary. In questionable cases you may be required to prove with official documentation (passport) your arrival date in Hungary.

By filling in this form you declare that you are in Hungary and you are aware of the relevant section of the Operational Regulations* about staying in Hungary during training period and the consequences of staying abroad.

Besides submitting this form you still have the following regular registration duties (details sent to the students by email):

  1. online registration in SAS for data updating;
  2. Neptun registration.


This form shall be submitted only once.

We appreciate your cooperation in this important matter!